Zarx is a Thranish wizard with years of experience of grafting, vivisection and transmutation.


Zarx achieved the rank of journeyman while studying under Darcassen Voss Valarion.

Kaori's Offer

Zarx was carrying this note


Zarx is at best cheerful and optimistic, at worst manic and deranged. He is pale and generally unpleasant, with a high-pitched laugh.

In the CampaignEdit

Zarx heard that the Empress of Thrane was offering a reward of 9000 gold pieces to anyone who could capture a three-headed duala bird. He offered to help Vantis and Lannus find one, but when they encountered a group of regular duala birds Zarx absconded with a handful of them. When they returned to his room in the Starry Sky Inn they discovered that he had grafted the head of a duala bird onto the body of another, creating an abomination. They then killed the creature and Zarx was captured.

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