Yado was a Master Stargazer of Ramandu's Rock.


Almost nothing is known of Yado's life before he entered the monastery. It is believed that Yado's family came from the mountains to the east of Andros (goblins are almost extinct, and that is the only area where they can still be found), but no one knows why he left them. Some possibilities are that he chose to leave because he was frustrated by the brutality and stupidity of his people or that he was driven away because of his unusual outlook.


Yado was an ancient and shrivelled goblin who leaned on a wooden stick to help him walk. His mental capacity was much greater than the vast majority of goblins - an oddity might possibly have been the result of wish magic. He was the wisest Stargazer of his time, and the most skilled with divination magic. He spent much of his time in his garden on the top of Ramandu's Rock - smoking, meditating, watching the stars and tending his flowers.

In the CampaignEdit

Yado advised Lannus and Vantis when they stayed at Ramandu's Rock. He later made Vantis a gift of a sack of seeds, and taught Lannus the Five Point Technique for fighting enemies able to resist physical damage. He was killed during the hill giant attack on Ramandu's Rock. His roof garden is now his grave.