Vittorio Daviara

Lord Vittorio Daviara of Asora

Vittorio is a Corhyrian nobleman and the head of House Daviara of Asora.


Vittorio's mother was a Thranish noblewoman, and he has often acted as a diplomat between Corhyr and Thrane. He knows both Nicholas and Kaori, and has stated that he does not believe that the assassin would kill the empress. Before she was found, he openly declared his suspicions that she was murdered by her uncle Darcassen Voss. He is allied to House Mandriga, though he dislikes Dario's attitude to the Corazons. Vittorio was already attempting (with Dario's help) to remove Antos Corazon from the position of High Lord when the lords Garazzi and Valantos also took his side to form a majority.


Vittorio has dark curly hair and tends to dress relatively modestly. It is often said that he wears his heart on his sleeve - he has a keen sense of right and wrong and rarely attempts to hide his distaste for those he does not like. Though he once cut a proud figure, he is aging notably and his hair is touched with silver.

In the Campaign Edit

Vittorio allowed Vantis, Lannus and Nicholas to stay at his estate as honoured guests. Together, the four of them attended the masked ball that Lorenzo Garazzi held to celebrate his betrothal to Kaori Valarion. Vittorio wore a beautiful fish mask for the occasion.