Vedansh is a Thranish wizard.


Vedansh has studied in the libraries of Andros for many decades, and is recognized as a master wizard by his order. He has a great deal of influence in Thrane, and is a trusted ally of Darcassen Voss. He has taught many younger mages, including Darevor. Vedansh had the misfortune to offend the Empress Kaori in some way, and since then they have struggled to undermine each other's influence.


Vedansh is a venerable Thranish diplomat and wizard. He is short and stooped, with a bald head but a full white beard and bushy eyebrows. He is particularly skilled with illusions and enchantments. He is intelligent and resourceful, which is why he is one of Darcassen Voss Valarion's most trusted servants. He is not a skilled combatant, prefers to work behind the scenes and tends to flee if he feels threatened.

In the CampaignEdit

Vedansh met with Vantis and Lannus when they returned from Charn. During this time Thranish assassins broke into Lannus' chamber and stole a decoy vessel. Vedansh travelled to Ramandu's Rock when he heard of the death of Maharion. He later visited Charn to discover that the body of the last godking was mysteriously absent.

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