The Prince of Leaves

Vantis is a sand elf ranger and sorcerer. He is known for his skill in battle, his arcane power, and personal honour.


Vantis' parents belonged to the Lion Clan, and he learned the skills of the desert hunter from a young age. However, he became disillusioned with sand elf teachings concerning the future of the world and the Lord of the Wastes, and when the chance came, he abandoned his people and wandered the Great Wastes for a number of years. He eventually encountered a hobgoblin stargazer named Lannus, and each finding another with likeminded world views, they agreed to travel together.


Vantis is tall and muscular for an elf. He has light hair and wears very light leather armour to protect him from the desert, as well as a scarf made from the skins of the rakshasas Khreeshan and Ravana, the jackal lord Kahaeshan, and the gnoll Srana. He uses a number of weapons, such as a scimitar and a longbow, but is particularly devastating with spears. He employs powerful magic in combat, but generally to enhance his own abilities rather than to directly harm his enemies. He is also a skilled ranger and tracker. In manner, Vantis is courteous, reasonable and decent, although he does not have the same lawful disposition of his ally Lannus. He is a good talker, and people tend to respond well to him. He dislikes the reverence and acceptance people have for what he considers to be false gods and demons. Though admired by many as the Prince of Leaves, Vantis is haunted by a bitter memory from his past. After infiltrating the orc Korgul's camp in the city of Lyrelda, Vantis lit a beacon without realizing that it was there as a signal to kill prisoners. When the gnoll Hagu saw the beacon, he did as Korgul had ordered and set fire to a mill full of innocent men, women and children.

Sebastian, his raven

The Magic Missile

A small sailing ship that Vantis named "the Magic Missile"

Vantis' WishEdit

Vantis was granted a wish by the genie Imaan below the ruins of Charn, after releasing the Otherworlder from his imprisonment. He chose the ability to accelerate the growth of plant life of all kinds, and can make mere seeds grow to blooming flowers, bushes or even trees within hours. Since he cannot actually create vegetable life, he carries seeds in a small bag to grow. He is using his power seemingly to replace the scorched sands with forests and scrubland, and has so far lined the road with high trees and has restored the ent Bruador and much of Laehu Forest.