Thrane is a kingdom to the north of the great waste. The capital of Thrane is Andros.

The Thranish town of Menos


It is believed that former human slaves who survived Gael's Rebellion and the fall of Charn founded the empire of Thrane many years ago. The founders of Thrane still carried tomes of dark elven wizardry taken from the ruins of Charn, and the Archmages still keep records of these texts in their libraries. They also honour a god named Prometheus as the source of arcane power, but they portray him as human. Tashar was originally a province of Thrane, but claimed their independence after a brutal war.


The Thranish outpost of Kaslan and its arena


The Thranish Wizards have great authority and influence in Thranish society. They form a crucial part of the government, working closely with the Imperial Assassins. The Archmages choose one of their number to serve the monarch as steward, offering advice and council. Any child that shows an aptitude for wizardry must study with the wizards when he reaches ten years of age.


Adis, the Hidden City

In the CampaignEdit

The armies of Thrane have been decimated by the hobgoblins and the Howlers. The Empress is missing following an attempt on her life, and her uncle the Archmage Darcassen Voss Valarion has been crowned emperor. There has been some dispute in Thrane about whether Darcassen Voss acted too quickly in claiming the crown. He has decided not to waste resources on trying to hold the city of Daln.

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