The Eternal Fountain is an artifact located in the Upper Quarter of Daln.


The Eternal Fountain flows again

History Edit

Legend has it that thousands of years ago a Thranish family was lost in the desert (perhaps exiles fleeing after the fall of Charn) and came across an imprisoned genie which granted them a single wish. They wished for enough water to sustain them and their descendants forever, which created the Eternal Fountain of Daln - a fountain which never runs out of water around, and around which the city of Daln was constructed. The Thranish Imperial family valued the Eternal Fountain so highly that they built a second palace in the centre of the city.


The fountain is large enough (perhaps only just) to handle to crowds of Daln who gather to draw water. It is a magnificent structure, with beautiful stonework and gold adornments. It is unclear whether it was created as a single piece by the power of the jinn, or whether Thranish masons built the structure around the actual artifact.

In the CampaignEdit

The day the hobgoblins of Tashar led by the jackal lord Kahaeshan conquered Daln, the Eternal Fountain stopped flowing. When Vantis and Lannus exposed and defeated Kahaeshan, the fountain began to flow again. It appears that Kahaeshan was somehow able to suppress the power of the fountain, but not destroy it. The Eternal Fountain has also been proclaimed by Abigail as a symbol of the Provider's love and an indication that it is the Provider's will that she settle in Daln.

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