An Adamantine Key

These five ancient keys are made from adamantine.


They were created by Samon Yazid to protect the passages that held the remains of his ancestors as well as his imprisoned jinn. The rebels used them to seal the godking beneath his city, and then took them away.


The keys are circular and engraved with many ornate patterns. Their diameter is roughly equal to a human hand, and radiate powerful abjuration magic.

In the CampaignEdit

Both the Thranish and the Lords of Dust struggled to recover the keys, with the Stargazers trying to prevent either side from finding them all. The first was stolen from the Thranish wizard Talmorian by Erian the kenku, but a wizard named Akred hired the minotaur Ruskar to recover it. Vantis and Lannus took it from Akred's home. The second key was held by the Thranish wizards in the palace of Daln and stolen by the jackal lord Kahaeshan before Vantis and Lannus defeated him in Daln and took it. The third key was held by Ahiravan the rakshasa and was taken from him by Vantis and Lannus when his impersonation of Rashid was discovered and he was imprisoned by the Stargazers. The fourth key was held by Maharion, until he decided to combine his efforts with Vantis and Lannus. The fifth key was held on Ravana's orders by the sand elf sorcerer Kehsaan, a descendant of Gael, until it was taken from him by Vantis and Lannus. Vantis and Lannus used the keys to unlock the passages beneath Charn, and after that the keys were returned to the cellars of Ramandu's Rock.