Tazrak was the king of Tashar. His son and heir is Jorak, and his most trusted general was his friend Grarl.


Tazrak's father reigned peacefully for many years, and died from natural causes in his sleep. Tazrak did not chose a wife until his father's death obliged him to, when he was already somewhat past his prime. Tazrak's reign was also a peaceful one, except for some raids by the sand elves of the Vulture Clan on the town of Vak. Tazrak responded by assembling his forces and decimating many sand elf camps around Vulture's Rock - deterring the clan from raiding Vak for years to come. He was later killed in his chambers by the jackal lord Kahaeshan, who then assumed his identity. His brother Hasarok later reigned as steward in his place.


Tazrak was an imposing hobgoblin who wore spiked armour. He was described as a powerful warrior and a reasonably good king, though his reputation was damaged by Kahaeshan's actions. Tazrak became bored with the demands of court, expressing envy for kings like Kreggnar who found glory through conquest.