Eastern Tashar

Tashar is a hobgoblin kingdom to the east of the Great Waste.


Hobgoblin culture is governed by contracts which detail various mutual duties and obligations - for example that the people must obey the king, but the king must protect the people. The borders are guarded vigilantly, preventing refugees and illegal goods (which include every kind of drugs) from crossing them. Notable settlements in Tashar are the capital Castagor, the frontier town of Vak, the quiet town of Arstak and the banking city of Hazhar. Vak was constructed when Tashar was still a Thranish province, and the sand elves of the Vulture Clan frequently raided the place hobgoblin king Tazrak responded by assembling his forces and decimating their camps.

400px-Old Thranish City in Tashar



Hundreds of years ago Tashar was a province of Thrane. After a brutal civil war the hobs claimed their independence and since then relations between the two states have been fraught with conflict.


During the War of Independence the king of the hobs wished for a way to resist the magic of the Thranish Wizards, and thus the Iron Crown of Tashar (which resists divination and other forms of magic) was created.
Banking City Hazhar, vak too


In the CampaignEdit

More recently King Tazrak was killed and impersonated by a jackal lord named Kahaeshan, who led Tashar into war with Thrane again with an attack on the city of Daln. Kahaeshan was exposed and killed and General Grarl (a friend of Tazrak's) took control of the armies, negotiated a peace with the Thranish Empress and returned to Tashar to place Tazrak's infant son Jorak on the throne.
Southern Tashar

Southern Tashar