Tarsus is the chieftain of an orc clan known as the Pigs.


The Pigs were once the most powerful clan in the wastes. Tarsus became chieftain when his predecessor Longtooth was killed along with most of then clan by Howlers led by Korgul . Many more Pigs have been killed and crucified by Howlers and the word "Pig" cut into their bodies.


Like most Pigs, Tarsus is slightly larger and more powerful than most orcs, and has particularly prominent tusks. He fights with a battered old bow and a longsword.

In the CampaignEdit

Vantis and Lannus encountered Tarsus and his orcs in the waste. The Pigs were tired and badly wounded, with no morale and no desire to fight or do anything but flee the Badlands. After some tense introductions, Lannus healed their wounded and they parted on good terms.