Tal Dara

Tal Dara is a frontier settlement controlled by the Merchant's League. It lies to the north of Corhyr and to the southwest of the Great Waste.


Tal Dara was established by House Valantos of Lyrelda and the Merchant's League to incentivize merchants to risk the journey between Corhyr and Thrane. It is not technically considered part of Corhyr, and it is controlled by Margus.


Tal Dara is protected by Black Hand and Stormspear mercenaries, and is an ideal sanctuary for travelling merchants and adventurers. The land around is barren, but the existence of Tal Dara allows trade through the waste to continue. Dwarven merchant caravans often stop here. A shrine to the Lord of the Wastes stands outside Tal Dara, and locals consider it bad luck to drive the vultures away from it. The Dead Snake Inn (managed by a quiet half-orc named Toben and frequented by Ruskar and Enhu among others) provides a place for travellers to talk, play dice and drink raki. Sand elves have become strangely common here as well, but the people of Tal Dara have not forgotten their raids.

Tal Dara Map

In the CampaignEdit

Vantis and Lannus met in Tal Dara, and decided to travel together. They once helped Margus defend the place from a raid by Kasura and his elves. Abigail and her flock camped at Tal Dara for a time, but now most people have abandoned the settlement because of the Howler threat.

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