Sloan is a Thranishman.


Sloan spent five years in the Thranish army, and then retired to Daln. He managed to make money through careful investments and by working as moneylender, employing Andreth as an enforcer until they had a disagreement which ended their partnership.


Sloan is plain-faced to the extent that some have suggested that he has Tasharan blood, a notion that never fails to incense him. Sloan is very familiar with goings on in the Lower Quarter, and can be a very useful source of information.

In the CampaignEdit

Vantis and Lannus approached Sloan attempting to discover the whereabouts of Azgar. Sloan reluctantly directed them to the Thranish Imperial Zoo, where Azgar's former lackey Churg had recently been employed. After the arrival of the bread of heaven, Sloan's work became unnecessary and he finally retired.

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