Slaeg was a hobgoblin mercenary.


Slaeg and his ashworm


Slaeg and his brother Azor served in Tashar's military as members of an elite unit called the ashworm dragoons during Tazrak's campaign against the sand elves of the Vulture Clan. They later deserted and became bandits, attacking merchants travelling between Hazhar and the southern lands. They later decided to try their luck in other regions (Tashar does not tolerate criminals), and must at some point have heard about the adamantine keys and decided to try and find them. They began by interrogating the wizard Akred - but killed him because they were unsatisfied with his information.


Slaeg rode a trained ashworm. He fought with a longsword, shield and heavy armour. His armour was spiked to match his ashworm. Slaeg was cruel and crude, determined to take out his own miseries on those around him. He sometimes injected himself with ashworm venom in an attempt to develop a resistance to it.

In the CampaignEdit

Vantis and Lannus killed Slaeg and Azor outside Tal Dara after discovering that they had killed Akred.

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