Shadak is a ruined dark elf city in the other world.

City Outskirts

History Edit

Dragor Ryzin

Dragor Ryzin

Thousands of years ago the godkings of Charn used powerful wizardry to create a gateway leading from their capital to the world of the jinn. They established a colony there, and used slaves to construct a city there. They experienced hostility from beings and creatures native to the area - most notably Khyra. For hundreds of years dark elf paladins defended the city, their leader carrying a powerful relic known as the Spear of Shadak. During Gael's war, Shadak was ruled by Balos Yazid (cousin to the godking Samon) and defended by the paladin Dragor Ryzin (actually a once-removed descendant of Daroth). The gateway that connected Shadak to Charn was being held open by a large circle of wizards when Gael's wish disrupted the energy, created a huge magical explosion in the Homeward Plaza. Although the dark elves were all killed by the wish, it is possible that some of the slaves escaped Shadak.

Description Edit

Shadak City Outskirts

Shadak stands between the Screaming Waste and the Mountains of Madness. The city is vast and empty, but strange creatures haunt the ruins. Some prey on unwary travellers, while others feed of the magical auras that the city exudes. The most powerful and notable magical effect is a form of illusion that was created when the gateway spell was disrupted by Gael's wish. Visitors to the city can sometimes find that they experience an echo of Shadak's last day. Some notable locations in Shadak are the Homeward Plaza (once the location of the gate to Charn, now a crater) and the Tower of Shadak (designed to resemble the fabled Tower of Charn).


Balos Yazid

In the Campaign Edit

Vantis and Lannus visited the city and used information they obtained from the echo illusion to locate and retrieve the Spear of Shadak. During their exploration they conversed with apparitions of dark elves long dead - including Lord Balos Yazid, Dragor Ryzin and a wizard named Malorax. They also fought a strange creature called a slaad in the ruins.

Tower of Shadak

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