Rexxar is a minotaur.


Rexxar was abducted as an infant by a savage waste preacher named Yellow Ash, and raised in the desert to worship the Lord of the Wastes. At ten years old he had already developed an affinity for violence thanks to his master's harsh instruction, but despite this Yellow Ash decided that he was too soft-hearted and weak. He stole another infant from the village of Tal Dara, bringing the baby boy to where Rexxar was waiting in his shelter. He commanded Rexxar to take his hunting knife and drive it through the baby's heart as an offering to their grim god. Rexxar - tearful and afraid - obeyed. A few days later Rexxar fled from Yellow Ash, horrified by the memories of the child he had killed. He wandered the wastes for years, lost and distressed, until at last one day he stumbled on a mysterious but beautiful object buried in the sand.

The mysterious genie who granted Rexxar's wish

When he picked it up a spirit in the shape of a beautiful woman appeared before him, and offered to grant him one wish. Rexxar told her that he wanted to find a way to atone for his terrible sin. Then Rexxar was alone again, but since that day a quiet voice occasionally whispers to Rexxar inside his head. The voice told him to learn the skills of a warrior, to prepare himself for a great battle ahead, and that he would know when it was time for him to redeem himself.


Raised in the wilderness by a brutal and demented shaman, Rexxar is not used to other people and prefers the company of animals. He is haunted by the painful memory of being forced to murder an infant as an offering to the Desolate One, and is driven to atone for this crime. Since the appearance of the bread of heaven, Rexxar has taken to offering occasional thanks and prayers to the Provider.

In the CampaignEdit

The voice that whispers in Rexxar's head has told him that his destiny is to follow Vantis and Lannus and help them on their journey.