The desert of Ashera to the northwest

Fox Elf Clan

An Elf of the Fox Clan

Sand elves are most numerous in Ashera and Laehu, but can be encountered anywhere. Known sand elf clans are the Lion Clan (led by Orzan), the Owl Clan (led by Aksaan), the Jackal Clan (led by Aksaj), the Cobra Clan (led by Kasura) and the Vulture Clan (led by Sabu).


While the dark elves controlled Ashera, sand elves were considered a lesser and inferior race. They were viewed as primitive and often kept as slaves. After Gael's rebellion and the eradication of the dark elves, the sand elves were divided by arguments and conflicting interests - or perhaps by the horror and shame of Gael's atrocity. Instead of assuming the position of power the dark elves had occupied, they remained a scattered and barbaric people. Some of the sand elf clans (such as the Fox Clan and the Wolf Clan) have been almost completely wiped out.


Sand elves usually worship the Lord of the Wastes. Imitating what they believe is the sacred form of beings such as gnolls, minotaurs, gnolls and rakshasas, sand elves wear masks while fighting and hunting which usually resemble the faces of canines, cats, snakes or birds.