Ruskar is a minotaur who once spent much of his time in Tal Dara.


Ruskar was born in Tashar, and fought under Grarl for Tazrak during the hobgoblin king's attack on the sand elves of Vulture's Rock. He found the austere and puritannical laws of that kingdom intolerable, however, and left. He now works mainly as a merchant's guard, a profession which he enjoys because of the travelling involved. Ruskar became friends Margus during his time in Tal Dara, and may even have acted as an informant for the orc.


Ruskar is friendly but easily bored, and enjoys brawling and drinking. He can be violent but is rarely cruel, and particularly enjoys drinking contests. He is lean for a minotaur, with sleek black fur and an silver ring through his nose. He carries a heavy iron greataxe, but rarely uses it when fighting. Instead he prefers to improvise with available furniture.

In the CampaignEdit

He was hired by the wizard Akred to ambush the kenku Erian and bring Akred the adamantine key Erian was carrying, a task which he successfully accomplished. He also defeated Blakula in a drinking contest.

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