Rodrigo Valantos

Lord Rodrigo Valantos of Lyrelda

Rodrigo is a Corhyrian nobleman, the head of House Valantos and the High Lord of Corhyr.


Rodrigo is the oldest son of Alberto Valantos, who was killed when the howlers attacked Lyrelda. Their relationship was a distant one, fraught with conflict. Rodrigo considered his father weak, and feels he wasted resources on mercantile projects when he should have been focusing on political advancement. Consequently, Rodrigo is unsympathetic and dismissive of his uncle Silvio. Rodrigo often visited the former High Lord Antos Corazon, admiring his intelligence and ambition, and fortunately was in Arkad when his father was killed. Rodrigo supported Antos' decision to end the Trade Pacts (perhaps only because Alberto opposed the move). After the Howlers were defeated, Lorenzo Garazzi convinced Rodrigo to side with Vittorio Daviara and Dario Mandriga against the Corazons. In exchange for his help in gaining a majority, Rodrigo was promised the position of High Lord.


Rodrigo is handsome, with thick dark hair, and dresses in striking clothing. He fancies himself a skilled swordsman, and usually carries a beautifully crafted rapier he purchased in Arkad. Rodrigo often becomes frustrated with the subtleties of politcs, and usually tries to imitate the strategies of those he admires (such as Antos). Like many of his ancestors before him, Rodrigo resents the fact that his family is often seen as peripheral and has always desired the position of High Lord.

In the Campaign Edit

Rodrigo attended the masked ball held by Lorenzo Garazzi to mark Lorenzo's betrothal to Kaori Valarion. He wore a fearsome dragon mask. He was later raised to the position of High Lord by Vittorio Daviara, Lorenzo Garazzi, Dario Mandriga and Leo Aldaya.