Raziel, his concubines, and two of his nine masked warriors

Raziel is a rakshasa.


According to the legend, the first black rakshasas were born when the Lord of the Wastes took the form of a panther and lay with an ancient queen of the elves. Like all rakshasas, Raziel was born in pain, and the malice of the Desolate One has long dominated his mind and defined his existence. His father is the rakshasa Morzecar, and the mother he cannot remember must have been a mortal, as rakshasas cannot breed with each other - but he cannot remember her. The majority of his existence was spent serving the Lord of the Wastes, obeying the commands of Khreeshan, Morzecar and Sobek. Raziel does not remember the details of his tasks, only that they involved killing. While travelling in the mortal world, Raziel saw one of his sand elf courtesans eating the bread of heaven and decided to taste it himself. However the substance changed Raziel in some fundamental way, easing his pain and allowing him a transformative clarity of thought. In that moment he recognized the Lord of the Wastes as a tyrant and an enemy, and resolved to win his freedom from the dark god.


Raziel took the form of a Thranish knight Ezalir


Raziel was infamous for his vanity and cruelty, and as one of the more favoured of the Lords of Dust he enjoyed both the envy of his rivals and the adoration of his chattel. His lair was a ruined palace deep in the jungles of the otherworld, guarded by nine sand elf servants whose lives were bound to his through the dark power of the Lord of the Wastes. However since he tasted the bread of heaven, he has been changed. The bread has eased his pain and perhaps even softened his heart, suppressed the mindless sadistic rage of his kind. Many of his memories of existence under the control of the Desolate One are beyond his reach - but he is aware that if he does not eat the bread of heaven regularly then he risks falling back under the dominion of his old master. On the surface, Raziel's two selves seem almost to be seperate entities.

In the CampaignEdit

Raziel joined Vantis and Lannus on their sea journey, taking the form of a Thranish knight named Ezalir until he could find a way to reveal himself.

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