Razak, the Breaker of Eggs

Razak was a waste preacher and a servant of the Lords of Dust.


Based on his appearance, Razak would have appear to have mixed ancestry. His features include those of associated with sand elves and hobgoblins. Razak was ordered by Ahiravan to hunt down and kill kenkus in the name of the Lord of the Wastes. He used his powers quite successfully to achieve this end, and became known as the "Breaker of Eggs" among the kenku community.


Razak had long dark hair adorned with the skulls of his victims and feline yellow eyes. He covered himself with the skins of animals and with blood red tattoos. His hands were twisted, marking him as a servant of the Lords of Dust. He had a wide variety of strange powers granted to him by his dark god, including the ability to transform himself into animals.

In the CampaignEdit

The kenku Slark drew Razak to the attention of Vantis and Lannus after he murdered the kenku Scrab in the Setting Sun Playhouse owned by Lord Leo Aldaya. Together the three of them confronted him in an abandoned home in Arkad, and killed him.

Unlocked Statistics BlockEdit

CR13 Razak - Medium druid 5, rogue 7, barbarian 1

HP64 Speed-30(6) Initiative+8 AC16(T14,FF12)

Abilities10,18(14),12,10,18,13 Saves+8+11+10

SQ Mongrelblood, Darkvision, Sleepless

Sneak attack+4d6, uncanny Dodge, evasion

Trackless step, wild empathy, wastewalker, wildshape 1/day

Survival+18 The Wastes+14 Stealth+16 Perception+15

Concentrate+12 Tame+12 Acrobatics+15 Athletics+12 

Feats - Improved Attack+4, Improved Wildshape, Flanking+4

Active Effects - Grace, barkskin+2, spider climb, greater fang+2

Spells - 4 Heals d8+5, meld into stone

Equipment - Scroll of Summon Dire Tiger

CR8 Razak's Dire Tiger - Large Animal 16

HP120 Initiative+2 Speed-40(8) AC17(T11,FF15)

2 claws+20(2d4+8+rake2d4+4) and bite+14(2d6+4)

SQ Duskvision, pounce, scent

Abilities27,15,17,2,12,10 Saves+13+15+11

CR2 Razak's Leopard Companion - Medium Animal 3

HP23 Initiative+6 Speed-40(8) AC19(T16,FF13)

Bite+10(d6+5) and 2 claws+5(d3+3+rake d3+3)

SQ Scent, duskvision, pounce

Abilities16,24(19),15,2,12,6 Saves+5/+9/+2

CR13 Razak (Crocodile Form) - Medium Animal13

HP116 Speed20(4),S30(6) Initiative+7 AC17(T14,FF11)

Bite+22/+17(d12+11 and grab) Saves+12+10+12


Feats - Improved Attack+4, Improved Wildshape, Flanking+4

SQ Duskvision, Sneak attack+4d6, uncanny Dodge, evasion, hold breath

Survival+18 The Wastes+14 Stealth+13 Perception+15

Concentrate+16 Tame+12 Acrobatics+12 Athletics+17

Active Effects - Grace, barkskin+2, spiderclimb, greaterfang+2, rage