Rashid of Arkad

Rashid (known as "the Quick") was a Corhyrian adventurer.


Rashid came from Arkad, and became an adventurer at a young age. He had great success, and soon established a heroic reputation - tales of his reckless adventures are still told in taverns all over Corhyr. One tale speaks of Rashid marrying a beautiful woman from another world, while another speaks of him being captured by a group of Howlers led by Brakus. However at some point he attacked a rakshasa named Ahiravan (perhaps intending to claim the monster's adamantine key), who killed him and assumed his identity. In what can only be described as some sort of joke, Ahiravan kept Rashid's head as a trophy and used illusion magic to disguise it as his own.


Rashid had long dark hair and tanned skin. He was handsome and charming, and liked by most people he met. He wore light elegant armour. Rashid claimed to be fearless, and was fond of displaying the heads of monsters he had defeated.

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