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Ramandu's Rock is a monastery, an observatory and a fortress which stands on the northern edge of the great waste. It is the heaquarters of the order of the Stargazers.


It is said that the fortress was built by the followers of Ramandu, who founded the Stargazers.


The keep holds the council chambers of the Stargazers, as well as beautiful roof garden used for astronomy and med
The Rock Map
itation. The underground levels hold the courtroom, the warded cells, the library, vaults for the storage of valuable or dangerous objects (such as the Lead Chest and the Adamantine Keys), and the crypts which hold the skulls of former masters and the bones of Ramandu himself. Outside the keep a withdrawn sand elf named Flist keeps a general store, and the plump innkeeper Brandon manages the famous Starry Sky Inn. The land around the Rock is not particularly fertile, but the Stargazers nevertheless manage to grow food, tobacco and even marijuana. The marijuana of Ramandu's Rock is said to be the finest available anywhere around the wastes.

In the CampaignEdit

Maharion's expedition stopped in Ramandu's Rock, where Ahiravan was exposed and imprisoned. After Vantis and Lannus returned from Charn, Thranish assassins broke into their chambers and tried to steal their last imprisoned genie. A clan of hill giants led by a chieftain named Gurg recently attacked the monastery. They were defeated (though many Stargazers fell, including Yado and Arra), and questioning them revealed that Howlers had bought their support with food. The giants were offered a choice of death or chained labour to atone for their attack, and their new chieftain Morgantor consented to serve the monastery in exchange for the bread of heaven.

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