Pyreos was a genie and one of the Lords of Dust.


Khreeshan regarded Pyreos as one of the most selfish of the Lords of Dust, more concerned with inflicting suffering to entertain himself than in bringing an end to the world in the name of the Lord of the Wastes. It is said that it was Pyreos who struck a deal with the godking Samon Yazid. Khreeshan publicly tortured Pyreos to make an example of him, and then commanded the genie to prevent Vantis and Lannus from entering the lower levels of Charn until the rakshasa had reached the final chambers.


Pyreos was a deceptive and malicious being, with a cruel sense of humour. He enjoyed using his powers to burn people alive without warning. He had red skin that burned with fire, and had many supernatural powers.

In the CampaignEdit

Vantis and Lannus encountered Pyreos in the ruins of Charn. He gave them three challenges which he had designed to be impossible - to defeat him in an arm wrestle (while his hand was on fire), to defeat a dreaded pyrohydra, and to lay the sun and moon at his feet. After attempting to accomplish these challenges for a while, they eventually gave up and killed him.

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