Prometheus and Khyra

Prometheus Yazid was a dark elf noble who lived in Charn prior to the rise of the dynasty of the godkings.


According to legend Prometheus used wish magic to ascend to godhood, and it is said that he gave the power of arcane magic to mortals. Many dark elves subsequently adopted the worship of Prometheus. When his grandson Kezanon established his theocracy he declared that Prometheus was the first godking. The Thranish worship a deity named Prometheus who is revered as the god who gave the power of wizardry to men, though the Thranish depict him as a human.

In the CampaignEdit

Vantis and Lannus climbed through the Mountains of Madness to reach the lair of Khyra, where they discovered that she had been keeping Prometheus alive. The dark elf was chained to a stone, magically sustained and unable to die. Prometheus asked them to end his suffering, but they refused.