Orzan Shadowslayer is the chieftain of the sand elf Lion Clan.



After the emergence of the bread of heaven, Orzan made an alliance with the owl clan chieftain Aksaan, and since then both clans have camped together at Bruador's Rest in Laehu. They are becoming increasingly disorderly - with sand elves fighting each other for fun and indulging in various pleasures of the flesh. Many sand elves are turning to adventure as a way of gaining prestige and emulating their chieftain, as Lion Clan culture idolizes hero figures.


Orzan is tall and extremely muscular for an elf, with long loose hair that is somewhere between red and gold. He is impulsive and wildly charismatic, making him difficult to negotiate with but an surprisingly effective leader. He wields a greatsword with terrifying recklessness and ferocity. Orzan is an old friend of Gahrok.

In the CampaignEdit

After the emergence of the bread of heaven, red giants from the mountains to the south of Laehu began abducting sand elves. Orzan began a war with them, slaying several with the help of Vantis and Lannus. Orzan later encouraged his followers to defend Abigail's refugees and then Corhyr from the Howlers. He also assisted Vantis, Lannus and Gahrok in defeating Korgul in Lyrelda, and defending Arkad.

Unlocked Statistics BlockEdit

12 Orzan Shadowslayer (raging) - Medium Sand elf Barbarian 12

HP109 Initiative+3 Speed40(8) AC20(T14,FF17) Saves+11+7+7

SQ Improved Uncanny Dodge, DR2/-, Sleepless Abilities26,16,16,9,11,16

Sword+23+18+13(2d6+14/18-20) Clamber+23 Speech+18 Tame +18

Feats - Power Attack, Cleave, Focus, Lunge d8, Keen Sword

Equipment - Studded Leather+3, Giantbane Greatsword+2, Ring+3

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