Nymeria admires her reflection

Nymeria is a sphinx.


Nothing is known of Nymeria's origins, or how she came to be in Charn. It is not even known whether or not she is unique.


Nymeria is a beautiful and dangerous creature. She has a musical voice and mesmerising eyes, as well as the strange powers that sphinxes possess. She enjoys riddles and games. She can also be susceptible to flattery.

In the CampaignEdit

Vantis and Lannus encountered Nymeria in her labyrinth beneath Charn. At first they attempted to fight her, but eventually solved her three riddles and were able to continue on. Her first riddle was "a short tree with many branches, one straight trunk with a curved root, a flower that blooms in the rain, or in the heat of the oppressive sun". Her second riddle was "beaten by those he serves he hides his body from the blows, they strike his head but he is not afraid to show it, with the flesh of a sword he binds and holds, he never rests but was buried before his work began". Her third riddle was "I followed her across the world, loathsome beautiful and black, she ate my body stole my sons, and carried them upon her back, mightier than the strongest man, eleven arms that shape of death, weaker than the smallest child, name my children pass my test". During the encounter Nymeria seemed fascinated by Vantis and Lannus, and was reluctant to harm them.