Sister Meryn is a Stargazer of Ramandu's Rock.

Sister Meryn


Meryn is originally from Thrane. She hated her father for his cruelty and shamelessness, and left him at a young age. She has spent years studying history and magic, and hypothesizes about the relationship between what she calls "the Two Worlds". She suggests that what she labels the First World (the world of the jinn) preceded the Second World (the world she lives in), and that the Second World may even have been created by an entity of the First World. She is hesitant to align this interpretation with that of any specific church, however. She cites the fact that wish magic (linked to the jinn) has no power in the First World as evidence that in some sense the Second World occupies a lower position or tier of existence than the First World. She also suggests the Second World may have been created as a replacement for the First World, that the First World may have been dying from some chronic contamination or sickness (perhaps even related to the Lord of the Wastes). She argues that the Second World may be able exist independently of the First World, but the general consensus is that there is no way to prove this one way or the other.

Description Edit

Meryn has flaming red hair and appears to have some sand elf ancestry. She is extremely well-disciplined, however, and was one of Arra's more prominent students. Meryn can sometimes be abrasive and direct.

In the Campaign Edit

Meryn has read all the discourse between Maharion and Luke on the matter of contested wishes. She rejects Maharion's call to submit the wish to Thrane, and considers Luke's plan of a wish to end all wishes to be a rash proposal based on nothing more than guesswork. She considers the threat of the Lord of the Wastes more significant than the slow decay of universal laws, however, and advocates saving the wish for the possible event in which Ahiravan completes his cursed ritual and summons his god. However in this moment of peril she advocates using the wish not to try and protect the Second World but to use the contested wish to create a Third World under the eyes of the Stargazers and initiate a controlled evacuation. She believes that if the genie holding the wish is capable of such a miracle then her Two Worlds historical narrative would be confirmed.

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