Margus is an orc, a former mercenary leader and the Commander of the Sanctuary Guard.


Margus' origins are unclear, but it is rumoured that he once had friends or cousins who belonged to the Pigs. He became the commander of an orc mercenary company known as the Black Hands (his most senior officer was Kaldak). He was appointed by Silvio Valantos of the Merchant's League of Lyrelda (which paid the Black Hand) to protect the outpost of Tal Dara. However his once strong loyalty to the Merchant's League became much more tenous as a result of morale problems caused by Howler intimidation tactics. When ordered to lead his Black Hands south to defend Corhyr from the Howlers, his followers threatened mutiny. Margus decided that he would instead travel north to join Abigail in Daln. Some time later he was appointed to the position of Commander of the Sanctuary Guard.


Margus can be unpleasant and impatient, but he has a reputation for being honourable. He tried hard to maintain safety and peace in Tal Dara, but has been known to make harsh decisions. He believes the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. He became friends with Ruskar, and it is suspected that the minotaur may have acted as his informant. Margus is bald, handsome, with green skin and a big belly. He fights with two huge axes.

In the CampaignEdit

Vantis and Lannus helped Margus and his mercenaries defend Tal Dara from a raid by Kasura and his elves. The orc later captured Bruto.