Brother Luke

"It's the stars, you see. They're going out."

Luke is a stargazer of Ramandu's Rock.


Luke was born in the Thranish town of Menos. His intelligence was noted, and he was accepted by the wizard Talmorian as an apprentice. However he was dismissed after a few months because of alleged insubordination, and his reputation was seriously damaged in Thrane. Determined to pursue knowledge one way or another, he joined the Stargazers and  spent many years studying in the library of Ramandu's Rock. He has studied the history of the Vessels extensively, as well as the writings of the legendary Ramandu. 


Luke is one Master Owego's most dedicated students, though Arra described him as an utterly incompetent fighter. Meryn, however, considers his reasoning to be flawed and his research to be lazy. Luke's main field of study is extinguished stars and the gradual deterioration of the universe.

In the CampaignEdit

When the Charn expedition stopped at Ramandu's Rock, the wizard Maharion spent an evening sharing research with Luke. Luke has argued that wishes violate or suspend the laws of the cosmos and could eventually cause all of reality to unravel. He believes that the final Charn vessel should be used to release the remaining jinn hidden around the world, so that there is no danger that the Lords of Dust might ever have access to further wish magic.

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