Lorian Lassad

Lorian Lassad

Lorian Lassad is dwarven merchant.


Lorian was born in the principality of Ajalis to a minor noble family. He worked for the Merchant's League of Lyrelda for many years, selling the finest Corhyrian fabrics to Thrane and Tashar. However during a time of financial difficulty he agreed to work as a spy for a mysterious group. Though he suspected that it was a guild of Corhyrian thieves, it was in fact the Lords of Dust.


Lorian has dark skin and a black beard. He dresses in elaborate clothing and enjoys sharing stories with travellers he encounters. Since his decision to flee the Lords of Dust, Lorian has prayed daily to a statuette of the Dwarven goddess Tanta.


In the CampaignEdit

Lorian hired Vantis and Lannus to discover what had happened to Erian, as the kenku had been on his way to Lorian to deliver a key and had never arrived. He later discovered the identity of the group he served, and became terrified that the Lords of Dust were trying to kill him.

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