Leo Aldaya

Lord Leo Aldaya

Leo is a Corhyrian nobleman and the head of House Aldaya.


Leo is the aged patriarch of his family, and a grandfather many times over. Antos Corazon did not require House Aldaya's support to become High Lord, and it is a matter of speculation as to whether Leo would have given it. He also funded the establishment of Setting Sun Playhouse, an open air theatre in the Upper District of Arkad. Some of the names associated with this venue are Taswik (a sand dwarf actor with a talent for flashy Corhyrian swordplay), Genna (a Corhyrian illusionist) and until recently Scrab (a skilled kenku ventriloquist).


Leo has short iron gray hair and walks with a limp. He is quiet and cautious, always putting a great deal of thought into his words and decisions. He can often be found in his garden, reading or sharing wine with guests. He is respected for his wisdom by many of the heads of the greater houses - including Antos Corazon, Maria Caradici and Vittorio Daviara. Like Maria, Leo believes that interfering with the Thranish succession would be a foolish and dangerous move. He is fond of literature, music, and the theatre.


The acclaimed sand dwarf actor Taswik

In the Campaign

The kenku ventriloquist Scrab who worked in Aldaya's theatre was murdered by the waste preacher Razak, who broke into his dressing room in the form of a leopard and tore his throat out. Lord Aldaya later attended a war council in the Corazon estate, and was almost killed when Ravana possessed Lord Antos Corazon and then cast a dessication spell on all present.