Len is a mercenary and adventurer.


Len was born in Daln, but travelled to Corhyr when he was barely a man to serve the Merchant's League as a mercenary. He sailed on merchant ships for several years until he developed an addiction to alcohol and lost his position and reputation. He later became an adventurer.


Len is short but strong. He is red of face and has long dark hair. He carries a bastard sword, a dagger and chainmail armour. He tends to be gloomy and has a phobia of sharks.

Facing His Fears

Len faces his fears

In the CampaignEdit

Vantis and Lannus encountered Len and his companion Christopher (who was later killed by otherworld monsters) in the passages beneath a mysterious ruined Otherworld fortress. Lannus used his magic to return them both to their home world, and Len later made his way to the Twisted Root Tavern in Arkad.