"Be thankful that you will never see your own childish wishes granted."

Lazarus is a former dwarven adventurer from Elhim.


During one of his adventures, Lazarus discovered an imprisoned genie who granted him a wish - he chose immortality. He died some years later, and was reincarnated soon after. He was born to one of his relatives, and retained the memories of his earlier life. At first this phenomenon was not accepted, and so Lazarus took his own life as a child of only ten years. He was reincarnated again, and since then has been reborn twice more. He has travelled to various cities so that experts might study him, and served as an advisor to many important figures. During his long career as an adventurer he also claims to have travelled through a gateway to another world. Yurian Darkheart has written a book about his life.


Lazarus has a dark skin, a silky black beard and a shining suit of golden armour. He is courteous and thoughtful, though has grown depressed over his long years of life. He is a legendary fighter with centuries of experience. He enjoys chess and has a strong interest in history. Lazarus has fought for Orben Goldmantle in the past, and has been honoured by the prince as the Defender of the principality of Elhim. However Lazarus' presence on battlefields sometimes seems to weaken the morale of his allies rather than strengthen it, despite his prowess. Lazarus has recently become fascinated by the story of Tanta, particularly the elephant goddess's acceptance of her own death.

In the CampaignEdit

Vantis and Lannus encountered Lazarus in Daln - he was visiting Maharion.

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