Laehu Forest

Laehu Forest

Laehu forest is a dessicated or dead forest to the west of Tal Dara.


Laehu is the territory of the Owl Clan and the Lion Clan. Though it must once have been full of life, desertification has transformed it into a sea of sand pierced by dead wood. Deep in Laehu lies Bruador's Rest, a hill named for the dead ent who stood there for centuries.

In the CampaignEdit

On their first ever expedition together, Vantis and Lannus tracked a missing child from Tal Dara into Laehu. They found the young boy's body being devoured by vultures. After Vantis returned from Charn, he used his new powers to awaken the ent Bruador and transform a significant area of Laehu into a living forest. This area became known as the Gift.
Living Among the Dead

In the Gift, living flowers and trees grow among the dead