A confrontation between Khyra and Dragor Ryzin bearing the Spear of Shadak

Khyra is a powerful being that resides in the other world, in the Mountains of Madness.

History Edit

Khyra is ancient and powerful, possibly sharing origins and traits with beings such as the Lord of the Wastes. She was once a goddess worshipped by jinn and sand elves, but worship of her has declined since the Charnish and later the Thranish began worshipping Prometheus. Once the queen of all arcane power, Khyra became consumed by resentment and spite towards her rival after he released an imprisoned genie in order to gain access to arcane magic. She abducted Prometheus, resolving to torture him for eternity as vengeance for what she considered the theft of her power.

Description Edit

Khyra takes the form of a great grey bird with a razor sharp beak and claws. She has extraordinary control of time and has great prophetic ability. Despite this, she is small-minded and malicious.

In the Campaign Edit

Vantis and Lannus climbed through the Mountains of Madness to reach Khyra, asking her to grant them a jewel Owego believed had the power to reinforce the Spear of Shadak. She refused, and drove them away.


The rocky path to Khyra's nest, haunted by rocs

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