Kehsaan was an elf sorcerer, the former chieftain of the Owl Clan, and brother of Aksaan.


Kehsaan was respected and feared by the Owl Clan because of his strange powers and unpredictable temperament. It is believed that he was descended from Gael himself. Kehsaan allied the Owl Clan with the Lords of Dust by communing with Ravana. The rakshasa trusted him to bear the fifth adamantine key. Kehsaan led his clan in the worship of the Lord of the Wastes, often arranging elaborate blood sacrifices and terrifying those who witnessed them with combinations of salvia divinorum, blinding smoke and his own wild sermons. After his death, his position was assumed by his brother Aksaan.


Kehsaan was a powerful sorcerer, but had become deranged from excessive use of salvia divinorum. He was extremely skilled with illusion magic, and used it to terrify his enemies. However due to the effects of the salvia divinorum it became apparent that Kehsaan himself was having difficulty seperating illusion from reality. Even the act of donning or removing a mask in his presence was enough to send him flying into a rage. Kehsaan clad himself in the bones and skins of animals, and painted mystical symbols on his flesh to protect himself from harm. His wrists were reversed, marking him as a servant of the Lords of Dust.

In the CampaignEdit

Kehsaan pretended to negotiate with Vantis and Lannus, tricking them into consuming salvia divinorum and then attacking them. However he was overpowered and killed. Vantis and Lannus then took his adamantine key.

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