Kasura is the chieftain of the sand elf Cobra Clan.


The Cobra Clan has long controlled the northern area of the desert of Ashera. They hold the ruined Charnish fortress of Gazara as a stronghold. Kasura has frequently ordered raids on travellers through the waste and on Tal Dara. He is wanted dead or alive by the Merchant's League for 6000 gold pieces. Kasura also sometimes negotiates with the Howlers.


Kasura is slender and graceful, with long fair hair. Kasura believes that only the strong are worthy of respect. Kasura fights with a battleaxe and dagger which he coats in cobra venom. He is vicious, aggressive and extremely dangerous. He kills innocents for his own amusement.

In the CampaignEdit

Vantis and Lannus helped Margus and his Black Hand mercenaries defend Tal Dara from a raid by Kasura and his elves.

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