Kaori Valarion

Empress Kaori Valarion

Kaori Valarion is the rightful empress of Thrane.


Kaori negotiated General Grarl's surrender of the city of Daln. Her early decisions were usually to carefully follow the advice of her advisors - such as the wizard Maharion and the assassin Nicholas.


Kaori is young and beautiful, with long dark hair. She usually dresses in blue, often wearing sapphires. She loves animals, and established the Imperial Zoo in Daln when she visited after the hob occupation.

In the CampaignEdit

Kaori approved Maharion's expedition to the ruins of Charn. During one of her visits to the Imperial Zoo, the wizard Darevor and the assassin Kasimir attempted to assassinate her. Nicholas protected her and they fled together as Daln fell to the Howlers, but she was later abducted by Black Hand mercenaries led by Kaldak. While the Thranish believed that she had been assassinated by Nicholas, Kaldak delivered her to the estate of the Corhyrian nobleman Lorenzo Garazzi, where she was held (comfortably, but nevertheless against her will) for at least a few weeks. Lorenzo pursuaded her that the High Lord Antos Corazon was in league with her uncle Darcassen Voss, who sought to remove her from power, and that her only chance to reclaim her throne was to use his influence to persuade the Corhyrian Council to take her side. In return, Kaori consented to marry him, and Lorenzo held a masked ball at his estate to celebrate their betrothal.
Valarion Estate

The magnificent Valarion estate

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