Kaldak is a Black Hand mercenary.


A kinless orc, Kaldak joined the Black Hand to make gold and gain influence. He developed a reputation of being a skilled operative with few moral qualms and as a result became popular both with his superiors, various clients and with officials from the Merchant's League. He eventually became Margus' most senior officer. Though few know it, Kaldak is an informer and operative for Lorenzo Garazzi. Kaldak apparently encountered Nicholas and the Empress while they were fleeing from Daln. When the orc discovered who they were, he abducted Kaori and left Nicholas for dead. He then went south towards Corhyr and delivered Kaori to the Garazzi estate.


Kaldak is a relatively scrawny orc who wears chainmail and a battleaxe. He travels to many places as part of his duty to the Black Hand and the Merchant's League. He has made many friends during his travel, and a great deal of gold. He is cunning, and usually tries to avoid direct confrontation. He wears a distinctive helmet with three spikes, and smells particularly foul.

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