Kahaeshan was a jackal-faced rakshasa and one of the Lords of Dust.


The rakshasa Khreeshan commanded Kahaeshan to create conflict and chaos between Thrane and Tashar, and to obtain the second adamantine key that was kept by the Thranish wizards beneath the palace of Daln. To accomplish this, Kahaeshan killed the hobgoblin king Tazrak and used illusion magic to assume his identity. He then invaded the city of Daln with a hobgoblin army, desecrating the cathedral of Prometheus and killing countless innocents.


Kahaeshan enjoyed pleasures of the flesh and humiliating his enemies - he surrounded himself with rich furnishings and the finest food, and kept a sand elf sorceress as his whore to shame the hobgoblins. Kahaeshan had a variety of strange powers such as the ability to change his shape, the ability to paralyse and mentally dominate his enemies, and the ability to transform people into jackals (a curse which he employed on a would-be assassin). Like many of the Lords of Dust, Kahaeshan used deception and trickery to accomplish his ends. He was slender and graceful, wearing elegant clothing, jewellery and a beautiful scimitar.

In the CampaignEdit

Kahaeshan was exposed and killed by Vantis and Lannus, who claimed the adamantine key. When he died, the Eternal Fountain of Daln began to flow again.