Jeb was a Stargazer acolyte. His half-brother is Bruto, though they were not close.


Jeb was a travelling kinless orc until he came to Ramandu's Rock. Such was the kindness shown to him by the Stargazers that he decided to join their order. He worked as an assistant for the librarian Owego. Some time later he was sent on an errand and went missing somewhere in the waste.


Like most orcs, Jeb was a sturdy fighter and not particularly bright. Owego described him as helpful and enthusiastic.

In the CampaignEdit

Master Owego asked Vantis and Lannus to go into the waste and find Jeb. They found him crucified next to two Pigs with the orc word for "Kinless" cut into his flesh - a victim of the Howlers.

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