Javter is a Master Stargazer of Ramandu's Rock.


During one of Javter's arguments with Sister Arra, she lost her temper and struck him. Roke gave her a choice between giving up combat training for a year and acting as Javter's servant for a month - she chose the latter. Strangely, Javter and Arra became close friends afterwards.


Javter is an old bald man from Thrane. He is stern and unsympathetic, and believes that mercy should never be allowed to soften justice. He manages the courtroom in Ramandu's Rock.

In the CampaignEdit

Javter has been suspicious of Vantis and Lannus in the past. Javter commanded Lannus to take a vow of silence to atone for a breach of conduct involving a ballista. Later Javter was given the task of guarding the third Charn wish, until Lannus decided it would be safer to carry it himself. Javter has criticized this decision, and many Stargazers agree that Lannus carrying the vessel into the Otherworld instead of allowing it to rest in the Lead Chest is absolutely unacceptable. Javter has been chosen as the Stargazers' representative in the upcoming council regarding the third Charn wish.