Imaan is a genie.


Imaan was one of the imprisoned jinn hidden by the last godking Samon Yazid beneath Charn. Once released, he chose to return to his home world and his own kind. The sphinx Nymeria claims that he now leads a group of warrior jinn who hunt rakshasas.


Imaan takes the form of a young, muscled male figure. He has golden skin, a short black beard and eyes that glow so bright a white that they blind those who dare to meet his gaze. He is not particularly talkative, preferring to rely on his strength and battle prowess. Though he cares little for mortals and their struggles, he hates the Lords of Dust (as well as rakshasas in general) and seeks to slay them all.

In the CampaignEdit

He was released by Vantis, and in exchange granted the sand elf the power to make vegetation grow. The extent of this ability is unclear, and Imaan's precise interpretation of Vantis' request has not yet been established.

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