Idrajit was a rakshasa.


Idrajit was one of the Lords of Dust and Ahiravan's ally. He was instructed by Ahiravan to capture or kill all the goatfolk in Badeb and Atazar. In Badeb he succeeded.


Yalla, a goatfolk child Idrajit sought to kill


Idrajit was not particularly bright, but he was vicious and extremely short-tempered.

In the CampaignEdit

Vantis and Lannus encountered Idrajit and Old Shaef in Atazar, killing them and preventing their attempt to slaughter the goatfolk there.

Idrajit's LetterEdit


I am writing to you because I trust completely in your ferocity and your devotion to our master. As you are aware, my father's plan failed. He was defeated and killed by the Stargazer champions while my sister and I were imprisoned in the wretched city of Daln.

However one of Ravana's followrs - a gnoll named Srana - led the Howlers to Daln to set us free. We made our escape as the city burned, my sister leading her horde back into the waste. She is gathering for war, I expect, it's the kind of mindless decision I've come to expect from her. She presumes to become our father's heir without thinking.

I have spoken with Sobek and he agrees that the time has come to act - the adamantine gates have been opened, my father is dead and our enemies are moving against us. I have decided that the goats will be my offering to the desolate one - you will kill or capture every last one of them

Go to Badeb first, then Atazar. If any remain after that, hunt them down. Do not fail me, Idrajit - it will be I who presides over the end of days, not my sister. When your task is done, join me on the island of Shavarath.


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