Howler Halfbreed

Howler Halfbreed

The Howlers are a clan of orcs and gnolls that control the area around the Pit of Screams.


Many years ago a group of orcs formed an alliance with a group of gnolls, and the clan known as the Howlers was formed. They have been held together by various partnerships, a male from one side and a female from the other. Most recently the orc Brakus mated with the she-gnoll Srana, before being killed by his son Korgul (by another female) and who then took Srana for himself, as well as his father's position.


The orcs and gnolls of the Howler clan are terrifying to behold - they decorate their bodies with scars and howl like beasts as they approach. Many of them are dangerous halfbreeds with terrifying speed, strength and ferocity.

In the CampaignEdit

Vantis and Lannus encountered a group of Howlers crucifying three orcs - including Jeb - and killed them. It was too late for their victims. The Howlers (led by Korgul and Srana) attacked Daln to release the rakshasa Ravana, and then attacked the city of Lyrelda in northern Corhyr. Vantis and Lannus killed Srana at the Pit of Screams and Korgul at Lyrelda, which effectively scattered the Howlers. An orc named Feng led much of the clan north, as did a troll named Golg. The rest attacked Arkad with Ravana and were slaughtered.

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