"Understand that I cannot commit my king's forces to the defense of the Corhyrians. The Thranish are watching us like vultures, always searching for weakness."

The hobgoblin Hasarok is the brother of the former king Tazrak and the uncle of the infant king Jorak. He often relies on his skilled agent Baraka to handle dangerous or difficult missions.


When General Grarl returned from Daln with word of Tazrak's fall and Kahaeshan's deception, Hasarok ordered that the infant king Jorak be hidden somewhere in the walled city of Castagor, heavily guarded. He then assumed the position of Steward, with the assistance of Grarl. Concerned with the danger of the Howlers to the west, Hasarok is hesitant to make important decisions before Jorak is ready to assume his responsibilities. He now protects the Iron Crown.
Hasarok's servant Baraka



Hasarok is relatively thin for a hobgoblin, with greyish brown skin. He is careful to maintain a neat appearance and is quite articulate - though he would never be described as an inspiring leader. His manner is guarded, and he rarely reveals his emotions or plans when he speaks. He is known to be intelligent, but perhaps overly cautious.

In the CampaignEdit

Vantis and Lannus travelled to Castagor to ask Hasarok to send hobgoblin soldiers to defend Corhyr from Korgul's horde. Hasarok was extremely reluctant at first, explaining that the lack of stability in Thrane was a danger to Tashar and that the Corhyrians would almost certainly not help Tashar if the positions were reversed. However Vantis convinced him to send Grarl with a minimal force of a hundred hobgoblins in exchange for assurances that Tashar would be given a place at a council to determine what should be done with the third Charn wish.