Hagu (also known as Hagu Heartripper) is a gnoll of the Howler clan.

History Edit

Hagu was a loyal supporter of Korgul, and resented the authority given to Ravana and her waste preachers. When the Howlers conquered Lyrelda, Hagu was given the task of overseeing the prisoners. Korgul ordered him to keep the prisoners in a mill north of Lyrelda so that they could be used as leverage against the Stargazers Ravana claimed would try to infiltrate the camp.

Description Edit

Hagu is large and imposing, covered in scars and sores. He is infamous for his use of torture and intimidation. He fights with a giant two-handed spiked morningstar.

In the Campaign Edit

Vantis and Lannus used deception to release half of Hagu's hostages, claiming that Ravana had a plan to fling their bodies over the walls of Arkad to lower morale. However they later unwittingly lit the beacon that was to act as Korgul's signal to Hagu, and the gnoll set the mill on fire and burned the remaining prisoners alive. Hagu did not follow Ravana into battle after Korgul fell, and his current whereabouts are unknown.