General Grarl

"My duty is to serve and obey. If these are your orders, my liege, I cannot do both."

Grarl is a Tasharan general.


Grarl had been a trusted friend of the king for years, and led the attack on the sand elves of Vulture's Rock in defense of Vak. When Kahaeshan (having assumed Tazrak's identity) ordered him to lead the attack on Daln, Grarl argued that the plan was madness but eventually obeyed - beginning a war against Thrane. He successfully captured the city and attempted in vain to enforce order.


Grarl is a sturdy and intimidating hobgoblin, with prominent teeth and vivid facial scars. He habitually wears heavy armour, though he rarely engages in actual combat himself. He has a brilliant tactical mind and a strong sense of honour and duty. He respects those who speak directly. Grarl has a particularly low opinion of sand elves.

In the CampaignEdit

Grarl's soldiers saved Vantis and Lannus from Azgar, and he convinced them to help him restore order in Daln. When Kahaeshan was exposed, Grarl hung the traitor Zarek and negotiated a peace with the Thranish Empress Kaori Valarion which involved surrendering Daln without a fight. He then returned to Castagor with the Iron Crown to place Tazrak's son Jorak on the throne, and was later sent by Hasarok to defend Corhyr from the Howlers with a hundred soldiers.

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