Gael was the sand elf warrior who made the wish that eradicated the dark elves.


When the slaves (sand elves, orcs, humans, hobgoblins and others - it should be noted that dark elves fought on both sides of this war) rebelled against the rule of Samon Yazid, Gael fought on the side of the rebels. As it was becoming increasingly apparent that the rebels had no real chance of victory, Gael stumbled on an imprisoned genie named Jastafar who offered him a single wish in exchange for freedom. Gael used this chance to stop the hearts of all the dark elves. When the rebels abandoned Charn and scattered, they did not speak of Gael's action and most sand elves are unaware of this atrocity.


Gael was known as courageous but quick to anger. He was short and thin, with cruel eyes, fair hair and sharp features. He was said to be a skilled archer, and wore a magical cloak of leaves which allowed him to avoid detection.

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